Friday, May 29, 2020

Summer Reading List

Unpopular opinion: summer is my least favorite season. I despise heat and my English rose skin does not deal well with harsh sunlight. Also, bugs love to bite me and shorts are always too short. The only reason I look forward to summer each year is summer break. However, I will be taking two summer courses this time around (which are now online). Will I have as much free time to read? Probably not. But I still have a few key novels I want to pick up this season. 

harrow the ninth by tamsyn muir

When I read Gideon the Ninth back in January, I fell in love hard. I immediately marked down the release date of the sequel, Harrow the Ninth, in my planner. Thanks to the current pandemic, the sequel release date has been pushed back to August fourth, but you bet I will be at the bookstore that very day. Let me tell you, this series is amazing. It is cutthroat, mysterious, and witty. I am not sure I have ever read a debut novel so spectacular. Am I properly conveying my anticipation to you? I AM SO EXCITED. How about now? I would sell my firstborn child to get my hands on this book right now. 

chain of gold by cassandra clare 

I admit it...I am a shadowhunters fan. Back in the heyday of The Mortal Instruments, I adored the series as well as TID. When Cassandra Clare announced she would be writing more series within the same world, I assumed it would be some kind of cash grab. Turns out, I was wrong. TDA was fantastic and Clare's writing has improved beautifully since her initial releases. I cannot wait for the libraries to reopen so I can get my hands on the newest release, Chain of Gold. This new book follows the next generation of Shadowhunters following TID. Namely, Will and Tessa's children! How exciting. Plus that means it is set in the early 1900's, meaning it is also historical fiction. A winner all around. 

starsight by brandon sanderson

Back in March I read Brandon Sanderson's (aka the modern king of fantasy) first YA science fiction release, Skyward. You can read all about my thoughts in my review but basically, I adored every word of it. I have been dying to read the sequel ever since. This is one I intend to buy (once bookstores reopen again) and devour. I have all the confidence that it will be just as action packed, hilarious, and intense as its predecessor. If you enjoy science fiction, aliens, and spaceships, this book was made for you. Read it! And I will be off reading the sequel. 

vengeful by v.e. schwab

Oh, look, another sequel! And another beloved author. V.E. Schwab has been one of my favorites since 2013. I have loved all of her publications ever since. But Vicious is definitely my favorite to date. In case you didn't know, that novel follows a pair of old friends turned enemies that happen to possess extraordinary powers. A decade later, Victor escapes prison to pursue his vengeance against Eli. It is an epic, morally gray novel that I have since reread. But although I own the sequel, Vengeful, I have left it collecting dust on my bookshelves rather than reading it. I should change that, right? Soon, I swear. That is why I am putting it on this list after all. 

the hero of ages by brandon sanderson

Yes, I do indeed have two Brandon Sanderson books on my summer TBR. For a few years I have been claiming the Mistborn trilogy as one of my favorite fantasy series. I have also been telling everyone how spectacular it is and how they should read it, too.'s a little secret. I have not yet read the final book in the trilogy, The Hero of Ages. Shocking, I know. Blasphemy. I swear to try and rectify this shameful situation in the coming months. The first book, The Final Empire, follows a complex world in which the evil villain had won. He has ruled for centuries but soon a team comes together to defeat him. This team includes a variety of magical people that possess unique abilities once they have digested specific metals. I love the world-building and the plot. I am sure the ending will be explosive. 

What are you going to read this summer?


  1. My sister totally agrees with your statements on summer. She can’t stand the heat and feeling so burnt all the time. I on the other hand, get cold super easily and hate the feeling of being cold, so summer is a welcome relief. I’m sorry you dislike the season! But I hope these reads get you through it :)

    1. Ugh, yes! The sunburns are the worst. I also hate feeling SUPER cold though, so I understand your side. I hope you enjoy this Summer, even with everything going on in the world right now.

  2. Summer is the worst! Never heard of Gideon the Ninth, but I'm intrigued. I was also a shadowhunters fan, but (don't kill me) I think Clare is kind of milking the series. I'd like to see her write something different. I can't wait to hear what you think of Vengeful. I was also a fan of Vicious, but I'm scared Vengeful won't live up to my expectations.

    1. Gideon the Ninth is a newer debut science fiction/fantasy novel from 2019. I really recommend it as it was AMAZING. I also thought Cassandra Clare was milking the shadowhunters series when I first began The Dark Artifices. However, I ended up loving that trilogy so much and I think her writing has f=grown so much since TMI. Plus, I feel (since reading that) that she has more stories to tell in this world. But we will see! Anyways, I am also kind of scared Vengeful will never be as good as Vicious. I think that is why I have been kind of putting it off.

  3. Summer here is always crazy, with its heat and humidity. Summer always makes me want to read contemporary books and especially this year, I have this urge to read all the beach-y setting books! We Were Liars is on top of my list.

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. Here, too! The heat and humidity is insane. But I agree about wanting to read contemporary this time of year. I don't know what it is. We Were Liars is one of my FAVORITES!