Friday, August 21, 2020

The Most Annoying Book Characters of All Time

Do you ever become so annoyed at a character that you want to throw the book against the wall? Or maybe punch said character in the face if only to knock some sense into them? Honestly, a character can make or break a book. Some books feature such amazing, interesting characters that I can't help but be pulled in. But some have protagonists that I find to be so infuriating that it makes reading the book nearly impossible. Also, this is all in jest so if I mention one of your favorite characters, don't worry! We all just have different preferences.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Is Chain of Gold Worth Reading?

Cassandra Clare has dominated the YA sphere for years with her shadowhunter novels. I, like many others, adored her Mortal Instruments as a teen. As she expanded the world into more and more additional series, doubt grew over me. Were there really more stories to tell or was this a cash-grab? With The Dark Artifices, I was sure she had more to say. The characters were new, the plot was intense, and her writing was better than ever. But do I still feel the same way after reading the newest installment and series, Chain of Gold? (P.S: this review is spoiler free for CoG but not for the other series).