Friday, December 18, 2020

Winter Reading List


Winter is finally and officially upon us. I am crossing my fingers hoping for snow as well as preparing for a very festive, quiet Christmas. This time of the year is perfect for bundling up in bed with some socks and blankets, a cup of hot chocolate resting nearby, and a good book in your hand. No season conjures such cozy feelings. The dark, cool weather crafts the ideal book reading and movie watching scenario. Here are the six books I want to read this wonderful season. 

Friday, December 11, 2020

Comfort Reads

The past few months have been trying. Living through a pandemic is certainly a strain as daily life has been permanently altered. Many people are experiencing more anxiety and fear than they have previously. During quarantine, reading became a more popular activity due to the extra time on hand. What is more perfect than reading a comforting book that allows you to escape into another life for a while? I  have found myself reaching for some comforting books myself. These are the kind of novels that make you feel at home, where you are relaxed and at ease, which is precisely what we need right now.