I'm Erin: bibliophile, music lover, and art enthusiast.  I can often be found with a cat and a cup of tea.  I have spent eighteen years in this world so far, the majority of them spent wishing I had magic.  I will soon be off to college and have a slight Netflix obsession. When I'm not reading or avoiding homework, I'm dancing, baking, and writing.  I love a myriad of things--astronomy, cake, sarcasm--but nothing more than books.

I began reading at a very young age, as my father loves reading and I apparently inherited that obsession... I mean trait.  Thanks to my mother for reading to me before I could myself, and for both my parents for encouraging me, but not pushing.  Since then I have grown into a complicated, messy person (as we all do), but I have never forfeited books.

"So many books, so little time."  


The Book Archive stemmed, as most book blogs do, from an intense love for reading. Book reviews, discussions, and lifestyle posts can be found in abundance over the years. While life has shifted and changed over time, as it always must, The Book Archive remains a constant flood of book-ish passion. 


Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who
Favorite Author(s): Neil Gaiman, Maggie Stiefvater, Agatha Christie, V.E. Schwab
Favorite Food: Cake
Favorite Music: Rock or alternative (Billy Joel, MCR, The Smiths, Florence + The Machine, Metallica, etc.)

Lives in: USA
Age: 18
Personality Type: INTJ (The Thinker)
Future Aspirations: Publisher and/or writer and world traveler


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