About Me

I'm Erin: bibliophile, music lover, and art enthusiast.  I can often be found with a cat and a cup of tea.  I have spent sixteen years in this world so far, the majority of them spent wishing I had magic.  I begrudgingly attend high school and have a slight Netflix obsession. When I'm not reading or avoiding homework, I'm dancing, playing the piano, and writing.  I love a myriad of things--astronomy, cake, sarcasm--but nothing more than books.

I began reading at a very young age, as my father loves reading and I apparently inherited that obsession... I mean trait.  Thanks to my mother for reading to me before I could myself, and for both my parents for encouraging me, but not pushing.  Since then I have grown into a complicated, messy person (as we all do), but I have never forfeited books.

"So many books, so little time."  

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