Friday, February 12, 2021

2021 Book Releases I Am SO Excited About

Typically, I am not the best at tracking all the new book releases: what they are, when they come out, who wrote them, etc. I tend to rely on other bloggers or Goodreads to find new releases. Strolling through the bookstore and perusing the shelves to find new books is also so much fun. But sometimes I end up missing books I would absolutely love, such as sequels to current favorites or a beloved author's upcoming novel. This year, I decided to spend some time browsing Goodreads and blogs to create a list of 2021 book releases I am so excited to read when they come out.

into the heartless wood by joanna ruth meyer 

Release Date: January 12th 

Into the Heartless Wood explores a fantastical forest inhabited by many magical folk, including sirens and the witch that keeps the strange wood alive by feeding souls to the heartless tree. One night, Owen wanders into the witch's domain and Seren, one of the tree sirens, saves him instead of killing him. What happens afterwards is a tale of love, danger, and war. How far will Seren go to become human? Is her wish worth pitting the humans and the witch against one another in a ruthless battle? 

To me, nothing is better than a darkly atmospheric story with witches. This book was seeming written with me in mind. And can we talk about this gorgeous illustrated cover for a moment? What a lucky author Joanna Ruth Meyer is. 

rule of wolves by leigh bardugo

Release Date: March 30th

Rule of Wolves is the long-awaited sequel to Leigh Bardugo's latest Grishaverse series: King of Scars. The first book follows some old favorites: Nina, Nikolai, and Zoya. Nikolai, now king, is faced with troubling transformations into a winged beast each night--a leftover effect from the curse he suffered during Ravka's civil war. But he must remain strong if he hopes to keep his country safe from its many enemies. To vanquish the darkness lurking inside of him, he and Zoya must venture to places unseen and confront long-forgotten powers. Nina, on the other hand, struggles with adapting back to life as a soldier and with finding the proper burial place for her dead beloved. 

I adored this series' continuation into the world of the Grisha and their powers. I cannot wait to see what secrets this book holds. 

the bone maker by sarah beth durst 

Release Date: March 9th

Twenty-five years earlier, a group of five heroes defeated the evil bone maker, Eklor, who was using animal bones and magic to establish an army. However, only four of the heroes survived. Ever since, Kreya has dedicated her life to resurrecting her fallen husband no matter the cost. Her task requires sacrifice, the use of human bones, and a curse: for each day her beloved lives, she will live one less. Not to mention that using human remains for necromancy is forbidden. 

Sarah Beth Durst wrote The Queen of Blood, a duology I adore. She crafts her fantasy worlds with care and I am even more excited what she will do with necromancy and retired heroes. This may be my most anticipated release this year.  

the ladies of the secret circus by constance sayers

Release Date: March 23rd

The Ladies of the Secret Circus is set in two different time periods and locations: Paris, 1925, and Virginia, 2005. In the early 20th century, Cecile Cabot and her family have worked for a strange, magical circus for her entire life. Her world has always centered around the beauty and mystery of the circus. One day she meets a young painter and falls in love. But as she knows, everything comes with a price. Nearly a century later, Lara Barnes' fiance goes missing on their wedding day. Her search to find him leads her to read her great-grandmother's journals, which include stories of a family curse. 

We all know how much I love Erin Morgenstern's The Night Circus and wonderful, enchanting tales of magic and time. Add a curse on top of that and I'm hooked.

ariadne by jennifer saint

Release Date: May 4th

Ariadne is the daughter of King Minos and Queen Pasiphae in Greek mythology, making her the sister of the legendary minotaur. Every year, her monstrous brother demands a price and this time they are to sacrifice a prince of Athens--Theseus. But then Ariadne and Theseus fall in love. Will Ariadne have the strength to betray her family and her entire country in order to save him? 

I love Greek mythology and history so much that I am minoring in classical studies. Greek inspired books tend to find a spot in my favorites list, from Percy Jackson to Circe and The Song of Achilles. If the pattern holds, I will fall in love with Ariadne, too.

What new releases are you looking forward to?


  1. I had no idea a book about Ariadne was coming out! I am totally adding this to my tbr.

  2. I also had no idea Ariadne was coming out! I can't wait to see how Jennifer Saint retells the myth.

  3. I didn't really enjoy King of Scars, but I am curious of the direction of the stories and how it would end in general so I'll be reading Rule of Wolves!