Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Raven Cycle Book Tag

Honestly, if you don't know about my obsession with The Raven Boys, where have you been?  This series is one for the books.  So you're probably wondering: but, Erin, didn't Anna from Annaish tag you to do this weeks ago?  Yes, yes she did.  

1.  In the books, Maura is the relaxed mom that is Blue’s friend more than an actual mother. Who is your favorite mom character?

I think I'm going to have to steal Anna's answer for this one.  Molly Weasley is hands down the best mother in any book series in existence.  Not only did she take care of her own kids, but she loved Harry just as much.  And let's not forget the classic, "Not my daughter, you bitch!" scene.

2.  Adam wanted to go to Aglionby so he could one day escape where he came from. Have you ever dreamt of living somewhere else? Where?

Does anywhere and everywhere count as an answer?  All I want is to travel the world. Staying in one place too long makes me antsy.  But I really wouldn't mind where I was as long as there were books.

3.  In the second book we meet the Gray Man. He is a hit man who loves poetry. Name a book that you thought was going to be one thing but turned out to be something else.

The best and most recent book I can think of is The Miniaturist.  I expected this to be a whimsical, eerie fairy tale story, and yet it turned out to be...that.  And by "that" I mean "a travesty."

4.  Gansey has searched most of his life for a buried king who is promised to grant one wish. What is one wish you would ask Glendower?

Can I say...everything?  Magical abilities?  A lightsaber?  Eternal life for my cat?

5.  In this series you get to see Greenmantle as a fleshed out character but also as a villain. Name your favorite villain.

Villains can make or break a story.  I always loved Sebastian Morgenstern from The Mortal Instruments because he wasn't just a cardboard cutout posing as the evil arch-nemesis, he was a fully fleshed out character.  I also like everyone from Vicious, because you never truly know who's the villain and who isn't.

6.  Blue’s got her Raven Boys. Who makes up your bookish team?

Other than the actual Raven Boys?

+Kell/Lila from A Darker Shade of Magic.
+Lettie Hempstock from Ocean at the End of the Lane.
+Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson.

7.  Ronan is a bad ass with a sensitive side. What book have you read that was action packed but had beautiful emotional scenes as well?

This is kind of an odd question...but I would probably say The Book Thief or All the Light We Cannot See.  Both have their touching moments but are balanced by the horrors of WWII.

8.  Noah has a heart of gold. Who has touched your heart recently?

All of Harry Potter.  I've recently started rereading the series for the first time in nearly a decade and I had forgotten home I feel when reading the stories.

9.  Calla is a woman who speaks her mind and puts her foot down when necessary. Who is your favorite strong female character?

I don't think I could ever definitively say...but back in the days of middle school (ugh), I was pretty big on Tris from Divergent.

10.  Chainsaw is an awesome Raven boy pet. If you could have one “exotic” pet…what would it be? What would you name it?

Would a dragon count as an exotic pet?  I've always dreamed of having a dragon friend to burn down villages...I mean, go on adventures with.  Although, I don't think I could say what I would name said dragon until I got to know its...fiery personality.

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  1. YESSSSS. THIS TAG IS AMAZING I CAN'T WAIT. Thank you so much for tagging me! And that Squirtle squad gif is brilliant. But ahhh that picture of your cat? Why would you do this to me?!? Can I please steal him?! The cuteness is just off the scale.
    All your answers for this tag are so good and have reminded me that I really need to read A Darker Shade of Magic and All the Light We Cannot See....
    Loved this so much! ❤

    1. I KNOW, I'M SO EXCITED TO READ YOUR ANSWERS! I love Pokemon and I just COULD not resist that gif. Or the cat photo. HE'S TOO CUTE. You can BORROW him, MAYBE, but he's MINE. And definitely read those books! Thanks so much for commenting, Rebekah!

  2. I'm so happy you did this!! From one Raven cycle fan to another :) I didn't even think of a dragon when I did this tag! That would be the most awesome pet ever!!

    1. Me too! It was so fun because The Raven Cycle is one of my favorite series. But wouldn't a dragon be AWESOME?! Thanks for commenting, Emily!

  3. What a fun tag!! Your HP answers remind me I still need to read the series. And a dragon totally counts as an exotic pet!

    1. Yes, read Harry Potter! It is such a fun and warm hearted series. Plus, there's dragons. Thanks for commenting, Grace!

  4. Thank you for tagging me Erin! I didn't know this tag actually exists?? I agree, Molly is hands down the best fictional mother ever! And all the characters in Vicious are amazing! I also tagged you for the Greek Mythology tag, you can check it out here: :)

    1. Yay, I'm so excited to see your answers, Tasya! I didn't know it existed before I got tagged, either. Thanks for tagging me, I can't wait! Thanks for commenting!

  5. YAY YOU DID THIS TAG!! AND I LOVED YOUR ANSWERS GAHHH <3 I love your bookish team (annabeth tho! great pick) and a pet dragon would be pretty cool, especially if it was a Night Fury. ;)

    anna | annaish

    1. I KNOW, it took me AGES! I'm glad you liked my bookish team, although I should have added my hypothetical dragon in there... Thanks for commenting, Anna!

  6. AHHH THIS TAG IS AWESOME!!! *flings confetti* Also I highly approve of wanting a dragon pet. ME TOO. I need so many dragons in my life omg. And I love the sound of your team. That would be an epic team. :D Also Molly Weasley is DEFINITELY AWESOME. She is like the pinnacle of glorious YA parents!!

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT?! A dragon pet would be even more awesome, though, honestly. And a dragon would be an awesome part of my team. So would Molly Weasley, for that fact. Thanks for commenting, Cait!