Monday, April 20, 2015

5 Book Series I Won't Finish

I hate not completing series, finding out what happens in the end. But there are some series I just can't force myself to finish, no matter how hard I try.

1.  Maze Runner

I read halfway through The Scorch Trials before I couldn't do it anymore.  Simply put, I became so bored with the book that I stopped reading it altogether.  I tried, so hard--harder than I should have--to push through and finish it, but watching paint dry would have been more entertaining.  

2.  Fallen

It was not fun in any way, reading these books.  It got to the point that I was forcing myself to read these only because I wanted to know how it ended, not because I enjoyed the writing or characters or anything about this series.

3.  House of Night

I was obsessed with this series a few years back.  I really liked these books, despite the issues, but those problems just became worse as the series progressed.  Mostly, there is just too many books left and I don't have enough interest to read them all.

4.  Pretty Little Liars

This series dragged on, and on, and on, and I couldn't do it anymore.  It became the same plot, the same mystery over and over again, and it started to feel like the author only kept the series going for money.  There are too many books in this series, and it isn't worth it anymore.  

5.  Asylum 

I actually did a review of Asylum a while back, and it was no very positive.  I was disappointed by the writing, the plot, the characters--everything.  Unless you are holding me at gunpoint, I will not continue with this series.  

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